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August 30, 2011 by lulapilgrim

Today, I got the following Action Alert in my email box.


New York mayor bans prayer, clergy at 9/11 memorial service
The tenth anniversary of the Islamic jihadist attacks on New York on 9/11 will soon be upon us. Faith in God sustained millions of Americans on that day and the days that followed. Americans looked to God and to their spiritual leaders for comfort and guidance.

But New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has banned all clergy and all prayer from the upcoming 9...
July 18, 2011 by lulapilgrim

Capitalism: The System Or the Regime?


Many celebrated the downfall of Communism as the triumph of capitalism. Certainly there is some truth to this. But while Catholic social teaching utterly rejects Communism and Socialism, it does not embrace capitalism without qualification. The Pontiffs offered a clear understanding of the service of the market for the common good.

 In Centesimus Annus,
November 6, 2010 by lulapilgrim
By Matthew Cullinan HoffmanNovember 4, 2010 ( - A homosexual organization is planning a massive "kiss-in" in front of the pope as he leaves Barcelona's cathedral on Sunday during his planned visit to Spain.

The group, which calls itself Queer Kissing FlashMob, is calling on homosexuals to kiss each other for two minutes as the pope passes, and then disperse.  The group hopes to infiltrate the crowd by dressing like people from traditional Catholic movements such as "Cuen...
June 18, 2008 by lulapilgrim
I decided to post this article from because it's a good follow up to my last post "Kicking God out of Schools". You see  the judge that's featured  is the chief judge of the US Ninth Circuit of Appeals which is known for its decisions against marriage, traditional family values and ruled the Pledge of Allegiance as unconstitutional.

Homosexual and Abortion Activist Judge Caught with Bestiality on Website

By Tim Waggoner

November 7, 2007 by lulapilgrim
Planned Parenthood aka 'family planning services' is the devil behind the details of comprehensive K-12 contraceptive sex-education ever since its inception in the 60's. Planned Parenthood's spawn is SIECUS, Sexuality Information and Education Council of the US. SIECUS designs permissive sex-ed curriculum and provides the materials, videos, books, etc. used in the kindergarten through 12th grade classrooms across the country. It's designed to sexualize our kids. By giving more and more expli...