Tell it like it is, somebody has to do it before it's too late.
Published on October 24, 2011 By lulapilgrim In Current Events

Whether or not you'd vote for him, he's got this right.


A must watch video.



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on Jan 28, 2012

Pro-life event may only hear from Newt.

Romney seems to have skipped 3 so far!

on Jan 28, 2012

Newts campaign is big on words like "establishment" and he tries to put an emphasis on media. Its kind of ridiculous to imagine how an individual like Newt could try to position himself as a populist insurgent when he is the typical insider, but it seems like that's what hes doing. Most of his fellow Republicans can't stomach him and I guess he imagines that such a condition bolsters his argument that he is somehow an outsider sent to battle the evils of Washington. The problem with Newt is his unfavorables... they are high. What that means is that people dislike him personally. At one point Gingrich was one of the most hated figures in American politics, so its a lot to consider. I didn't dislike Angle or O'Donnell, but they were just awful candidate who were not ready for prime time... in fact, they may never be and should never have been candidates no matter what they believe. We can say what we want about Snowe, but even she had the integrity not to vote yes on Obamacare. She needed to read what was in it (imagine that) so she could explain it to her constituents and the Democrats shot it down. They demanded she give a yes sight unseen. Cracks me up.

on Jan 28, 2012

On another blog, the topic of tolerance came up.

I responded saying,

Tolerance in a society meant having a "live and let live" attitude. But how tolerance is used in our society today is a far cry from that.  The activists within Militant Atheism, Radical Feminism, Homosexualism and Environmentalism movements would have us believe their aim of their activism is to have us all live in harmony, however, the reality shows that their understanding of tolerance is a one-way street.

Their tolerance philosophy in practice demands that a legal chokehold be put on the rights to freedom of speech and association, conscience of those who oppose their agenda. Those men and women of faith and conscience are being targeted.

It's happening now in the Obama administration. They are waging war on religious liberty. Conscience rights are being trampled.  The Dept. of Health and Human Services announced it's decision to require religiously-affiliated employers to cover contraception services in their insurance plans. Catholic universities and hospitals have one year to "adapt" to their policies to ensure employee coverage for all FDA approved contraceptives, including abortion drugs.

So far, Newt has been the only candidate who has A) recognized the attack on religious liberty and promised to fight it with all his might. Another reason why I think Newt is the Man.



on Feb 14, 2012


“People say that Mitt Romney is a flip-flopper,” Doyle said. “ I think that’s very unjust. I think he’s been a very consistent politician. He consistently works both sides of the street on the same issue. He is consistently cynical and expedient and self-serving.”

Doyle said, “While what Obama is doing certainly is an assault on our consciences, I’m not sure Governor Romney is the person to assert that, given his record.”

on Feb 14, 2012

ROFL - The people will pick Newt when I am living on the moon. This guy is a joke.

on Feb 14, 2012

I've finally figured out why I like Newt so much....

It's because he drives Liberals crazy. 

on Mar 05, 2012

Here's the latest: 

NY's cardinal urges 'freedom of religion battle'
Associated Press - 3/5/2012 10:35:00 AM

 HICKSVILLE, NY (AP) - New York's Cardinal Timothy Dolan is urging Roman Catholics to get more involved inpolitics as the church stands against the government in what he calls a "freedom of religion battle."

At a weekend event on Long Island, Dolan called President Barack Obama's contraceptive coverage mandate "an unwarranted, unprecedented radical intrusion." He told the crowd they "live in an era that seems to discover new rights every day."

Some religious organizations protested when Obama moved to mandate that religious-affiliated institutions such as hospitals and universities include free birth-control coverage in their employee health plans. Obama later said religious employers could opt out, but their insurers must pay for the coverage.

Meanwhile, Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is calling President Obama's contraceptive coverage mandate "the most fundamental assault on religious liberty in American history."

In Atlanta Gingrich told NBC's Meet the Press that no one is trying to take away women's access to birth control.

But he said Catholic hospitals, universities and other church-affiliated institutions will likely close if they're forced to carry insurance that also pays for sterilizations and contraceptives they view as "abortion pills."

Suggesting that religious liberty is more than just freedom of worship, Gingrich asked, "Have we become a country where it's okay to go to church on Sunday morning for one hour, but let's not actually express those beliefs the rest of the week?"

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