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August 9, 2012 by lulapilgrim
The Movie is called simply "2016" and scheduled for wide release, tommorow  August 10. It is Dinesh D'Souza's expose of who Barack Obama really is, what he stands for, and the dangers of him being re-elected for another four years. 

"2016" is from Gerald R. Molen, producer of Academy Award winning, Schindler's List, Jurrasic Park and Brave Heart. 

the trailer: ............................."2016" movie revealing Obama'...
June 3, 2012 by lulapilgrim
 ......coming to theaters near you June 1st, the story of Mexican Cristeros...........
 Caution: Powerful film examines faith, persecutionEd Vitagliano - Guest Columnist - 5/30/2012 2:15:00 PM 

For centuries, Christians have wrestled with the questions of how their faith should impact culture and how far they should go to promote a righteous and just society. For Greater Glory, a film arriving in theaters June 1, dives head first into such thorny issues.

March 12, 2012 by lulapilgrim
An important movie about Obama is coming this summer…



June 22, 2011 by lulapilgrim
The following article written by Dr. Arthur M. Hippler is from "The Wanderer" newspaper dated September 18, 2003.

It is perhaps somewhat of a cliché  that Catholic social teaching is "neither conservative nor liberal."  And yet as one surveys the papal encyclicals of the last century or so, one is struck by the fact that "liberalism" is almost always under criticism, while no such corresponding criticism attaches to the word "conservatism".  Why is this, and how do the P...
March 7, 2009 by lulapilgrim
You know what? Ever since Obama made all kinds of outrageous promises of hope, really hype, the Liberals are in adoration and his flock of sheople have been blind with delight.

Obama is a god in the cult of Personality! A friend recently sent me an article from the Remnant newspaper that has something I'd like to share with you for your consideration.  

The new ten commandments of Obamanation are:

1  I am Barack thy Obama, thou shalt not cling bitterly to the Lord thy God.